AeroMarine Products specializes in the highest quality materials for your indoor and outdoor projects, as well as the accompanying accessories. We have a wide variety of epoxy fillers and resin fillers. One of our popular wood fillers is the Pecan Flour Filler, an excellent thickener for use with wood epoxy resins. Another favorite is the 1/32” Milled Fibers. This filler is particularly great for aesthetics as the fibers are so tiny they are indistinguishable, but still top quality for thickening and reinforcing resins. Our fumed silica is great for marine applications, such as hull repairs. For coating concrete floors, we offer an Anti-Skid powder, which makes epoxy flooring less slippery. Graphite powder serves as another fine thickener when added to AeroMarine Products’ epoxy resins, creating a tough, low-friction surface for swing keels, rudders, centerboards, and much more. The graphite powder also works in precision industrial applications and is a great conductor of electricity.

Depending on your choice of filler, these thickening agents can be used in multiple applications, including industrial, marine, or home use, with your choice in weight and sanding grain. For adding pigment to your epoxy, we carry the most popular colors, which are black, white and grey. We also carry items necessary for product application and project use, such as syringes and metered pumps, as well as fiberglass cloth and fiberglass cloth tape. Explore all of our resin fillers & accessories, epoxy fillers and thickeners, and other accessories from AeroMarine Products. For immediate assistance or inquiries, please contact us at (877) 342-8860.