Silicone RTV Rubber Mold Making Products

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Concrete Molding and Stamping Urethane Rubber

Food Grade Silicone Rubber

For producing silicone rubber molds, AeroMarine Products provides excellent liquid silicone for molds in several varieties, including silicone molding rubber, silicone molding putty and high temperature mold making silicone. Our silicone RTV mold making materials can be used for creating almost anything, and are often used for jewelry, statuettes, soaps, candles, props, and other similar items.

The beauty and simplicity of these mold making materials is that you can take something that is creatively made, such as a one-off artistic item, and replicate it, accurately retaining the entire exterior detailing, easily and quickly.

On the other hand, our high temperature molding silicone and our urethane 75A rubber materials can be used in a more technical manner, for making molds of practical items such as concrete or cement stamps, as well as durable rubber parts. Applications for these molded items may include industrial, automotive, aircraft-related, marine, and more. The silicone molds and urethane molds are easy to make for both for industrial and personal applications.

We also make clear catalysts for silicone molds, which allow you to see through the mold to the material that is being molded to ensure proper production occurs. Our catalysts are also available in brushable (pink) and pourable (purple).

Our mold making liquid latex rubber is great for casting cement, concrete, plaster, hydrocal or hydro stone. It is a brush-on product and is very tough, flexible and resistant to tearing. It picks up fine detail for molds very well. Our molding making latex is for molding only; not for making masks and not for use on human skin!

For making candy, chocolate, sugar, ice, butter and other molds for food, we have a food grade silicone molding rubber. Our food grade silicone rubber has excellent mechanical properties and good shelf-life stability.

Additionally, we provide mold releases, accelerators, thinners, and thickeners to help with the mold making process.

We make mold making easy with two-part liquids. One is the silicone rubber and the other is the catalyst. When mixed together they will harden to create the silicone mold. We sell mold making materials in several sizes, which are measured by weight, not volume. For questions, contact us today or call (877) 342-8860.