AM 128 Brushable RTV Silicone Rubber – 8.8lb Kit


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  • AeroMarine Products AM128 Brushable Silicone Moldmaking Rubber RTV is a two component, room temperature condensation cure silicone material.
  • The cured rubber has excellent mechanical properties and good shelf-life stability.
  • This material is an excellent choice for making molds of architectural details, statues, figurines and other applications where a pourable block mold is not feasible.
  • This material is thixotropic, meaning that it can be applied to a vertical surface.
  • AM128’s mix ratio is 10:1 by weight and you will need a gram scale to accurately weight out this product.
  • AM128 is sold by WEIGHT.
  • The 1 gallon kit weighs 8.8 lbs.
  • The RTV rubber has a durometer of 28 Shore A.