AeroMarine Products’ 2 part expandable urethane pour foams come in 3 different densities: 2lbs per cubic foot, 4lbs per cubic foot, and 8lbs per cubic foot. We provide all our urethane foams in 2 containers equaling a ½ gallon, up to 10 gallons. For bigger jobs, we provide two 55 gallon drums for 110 gallons of liquid foam which yields over 500 cubic feet of rigid foam!

Our low density pour foams are best for flotation whereas our higher density pour foams are designed for repairing large areas such as boat decks. Our low density boat foams are even strong enough for boat flotation, barges, docks, canoes, kayaks, and pontoons; pretty much anything that floats! Be sure to measure the area you need properly and choose the correct foam density for your application.

The liquid foam comes in 2 parts. When mixing the liquid foam, be ready for the foam to expand within a minute of the liquids being mixed together. The foam is not a sprayable foam, only pourable. The foam is best mixed together at around 70 degrees Fahrenheit (21 degrees Celsius). If the area the foam is mixed in is colder than 70 degrees Fahrenheit, the foam may not expand to the proper cubic feet. If the area the foam is mixed in is warmer than 70 degrees, the foam may expand over the container it is in, causing a mess.

Our expandable pour foam is also perfect for insulation in buildings, pools, hot tubs, spas and more.

If you need help choosing the right pour foam for your application or need help in determining the right amount of liquid pour foam to get, we offer free tech advice for all products!

Always wear a respirator or self–contained breathing apparatus when working with our urethane pour foam. Do not spray! Our urethane pour foams are for pouring applications only.