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This is a professional grade silicone sealant. Requiring no degassing because it is an RTV silicone, this silicone sealant provides excellent adhesion in minimal time, with minimal headache. AeroMarine’s silicone sealant has uses that extend far beyond the marine environment. Known for being both flexible and durable, our silicone sealant can bind to nearly any surface without cracking or crumbling, as works excellently in projects such home maintenance repairs, bonding for glass, construction adhesive, and sealing electrical cables. Creative types will also love the crafty capabilities offered by our silicone sealant. Use its adhesive properties to create DIY molds for soap, candles, jewelry, and more.

AeroMarine 128 silicone sealant is incredibly versatile. As a marine grade sealant, it’s additionally both water- and mildew-resistant, making it a dynamic product ready for many applications.

To make the silicone sealant, you need to combine the two-component mixture by weighing the silicone and catalyst in a ratio of 10 parts silicone to 1 part catalyst, using a digital gram scale. The AeroMarine 128 silicone sealant cures at room temperature.

Note: When mixing our silicone sealant, do not use any sulfur-based clay or latex gloves. Re-cap the containers immediately after pouring, and store your silicone sealant at 72F/room temperature. AM 128 has a 6 month shelf life after opening.

Download 128 Silicone Mold Making Data Sheet

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