AeroMarine offers high-quality epoxy resin that can be used for a wide variety of purposes. If you or your company is in need of an epoxy sealant, our products are guaranteed to seal anything to watertight perfection. Our epoxy sealer is the perfect finish for any DIY home project or outdoor wood furniture. Don’t let the wear and tear of the elements break your boat, driveway, or patio furniture down. Discover what makes our epoxy sealants so exceptional and browse our selection of products below.

Indoor Epoxy Resin Purposes

Whether you own a contracting business or you plan to remodel the hardwood floors in your kitchen on the weekend, you’re going to need a sealant. There are a wide variety of uses and purposes for our two-part epoxy sealer.

  • Floor Coating: The best way to prevent damage from bugs and protect your feet from splinters.
  • Laminate: DIY projects are gaining quite a bit of popularity. Seal the top of your seashell coffee table with one of our epoxy sealants.
  • Wood Epoxy: Or epoxy sealant for waterproofing is the perfect thing for your deck or pagoda.
  • Concrete Coating: If you want to reduce the damage to your driveway or back patio from the elements, our driveway epoxy or epoxy resin for concrete is the perfect solution.
  • Glass-like Surfaces: If you’re looking for a particular finish on your homemade furniture, use epoxy resin to give it that glossy finish.

There are numerous applications for our epoxy resins beyond what we have listed. Epoxy resin can be an incredibly useful way to repair and fix various tools and household items as well.

Does AeroMarine offer Sealants for Boats and Marine Vessels?

Our marine epoxy sealer will give your boat that clean, finished, like-new look that all owners desire. Salt water is extremely corrosive, and over time, your boat can become severely damaged. Our epoxy for marine vessels can be used for either restoration or damage prevention. Our marine epoxy comes in a 2-part epoxy solution.

Make sure that you mix the two-part solutions before applications. However, be careful how much you mix because it may harden faster than you can apply it. It’s best to mix the two solutions in small quantities before and add to make more as needed.

Whether your project is large or small, our epoxy solutions are the ideal sealant for whatever you need.