Making casts for jewelry, figures, and small decorative products can be difficult. It often takes a few tries before the perfect cast can be made from silicon or any other material. The key to making great casts? Using the correct casting powders and resins. AeroMarine only sells the highest quality bronze powder, casting resin, and mold release. If you or your business is ready to start producing exceptional products from molds and casts, our products will help you do it.

What is bronze casting powder used for?

Bronze casting powder can be added to urethane resin in a 1:1 ratio to create bronze products. These real bronze products can be polished and altered after the set. Cold casting is a way to combine a metal powder and resin in a mold to create an object with the weight and appearance of a solid metal. This is a much faster and cheaper way to create metal objects than with a foundry casting of molten metal.

Typically, bronze casting powder is mixed evenly with a white casting resin so that the finished product looks as close to bronze as possible. However, some unique cold castings can be made by mixing a small portion of black resin in as well.

What colors are available for casting resin?

If you don’t want a metallic finish, or you don’t plan on painting your casts after they set, there are a handful of colors available for our resins.

  • Black
  • White
  • Yellow
  • Blue
  • Red

Between the three primary colors, you will be able to create any color of casting resin that you need for your products. All of the colorants should be mixed with the “B” component (the catalyst side) of the casting resin for the proper effects to take place. If you want lighter colors on your casts, consider adding white colorant to brighten things up.

Pro tip: Make sure that you purchase mold release along with all of your casting resin and coloring supplies. No matter how good your skills are when it comes to silicon mold making, your finished product is still going to have a hard time separating without mold release.

What Other Products Does AeroMarine Offer?

We offer a variety of resins and sealants that can be used for anything from boats to hardwood flooring. Thinking about making that creative liquor cabinet or bar for your dining room? We can supply you with the proper sealants to hold all of those bottle caps on your new bar counter in place.