Shop our line up of materials for silicone mold kits that can be used for a variety of projects. With a professional-grade silicone rubber mold, you can create everything from prototypes, industrial parts, candles, soaps, jewelry, and even toy figurines. AeroMarine offers all the products you could need for silicone mold making – browse our different offers below.

Silicone Mold Making: Step by Step Instructions

The technique shown in this quick start guide to mold making can be used on all of AeroMarine’s silicone products, but the video features the 128 Multi Masking Compound and Pouring Catalyst.

The mold making supplies shown here are pre-mixed. However, when mixing your silicone mold kit at home, be sure to always carefully read the instructions to ensure parts A and B are weighed accurately.

Types of Silicon Molds

Using our different silicone mold kits, you can make one of three basic models. The simplest is a one-piece block mold, which has no undercuts or negative drafts.

A multiple piece block mold combines two or more cuts with mold making rubber.

Lastly, a glove mold is brushed onto the pattern. This technique is widely used in the restoration of architectural designs. After brushing the silicone onto a surface and allowing it to cure, it’s removed and used to cast additional parts.

Silicone mold making can be as easy or complex as you want — it all depends on the intricacy of the item you intend to cast.

Types of Mold Making Rubber

AeroMarine offers several varieties of RTV silicone that you can use to tackle any project; if you need a silicone mold kit to work on a more detailed casting, note our brushable silicone rubber and our translucent silicone rubber on top of our standard material.

If you’re looking for a silicone mold kit to create concrete, cement stamping, durable rubber machinery parts, or automotive applications, try our polyurethane mold making rubber.

We also offer a liquid latex mold that produces rubber when you need a material that’s more flexible than a standard silicone mold kit.

What Materials are Needed for a Silicone Mold Kit?

AeroMarine mold making rubber does not require the use of a vacuum, but you will need a mixing container, stirring sticks, and a mold box into which you’ll place your pattern. We also offer several accessory products for our silicone mold kit that you can use to complement your mold, such as:

  • Clear catalyst
  • Accelerators for faster curing
  • Colorants for custom colors