If you need a watertight epoxy resin to repair wear and tear on your vessel, our 300/21 epoxy is a great solution.  This epoxy resin and hardener that can be used as an adhesive for many vessels, enabling you to create strong bonds across a range of surfaces and materials.

Marine  Epoxy Resin

Salt water is extremely corrosive and can severely damage your boat over time, but our epoxy sealant is one of the most valuable tools for construction and repairs. Whether you need a marine adhesive for deck fittings, small touchups, or a cold-mold for an entirely brand new hull, our product can help. Additional uses of our epoxy resin include:

  • Coating wood or concrete
  • Bonding wood, concrete, metal, or plastics
  • Building “stitch and glue” boats

We also offer color variations in our epoxy resins, so you can find marine epoxy in gray, black, or white if a clear formula isn’t what you’re looking for.

How do I Apply Marine Epoxy Resin?

Our marine epoxy is a two-part system that includes an epoxy resin and hardener. You must follow the instructions to ensure each part is measured to the correct ratio.

Use a double mix and pour method for this marine epoxy resin. Mix 2 parts resin to 1 part hardener in a clean plastic container for two minutes, then pour the mixed epoxy into another container, and mix thoroughly for another two minutes. This method assures that no unmixed liquid clings to the sides or bottom of your container and that everything gets properly mixed.

Note: Do not mix the entire amount of marine resin and hardener together all at once—it will cure inside your mixing container!   Also, never add more hardener in an attempt to create a faster cure; doing so will ruin the ratio, causing the resin to cure to a rubbery state.

Additional AeroMarine Products Marine supplies:

In addition to our marine epoxy resin, we have several products for your marine based applications including:

  • Boat pour foam
  • Fiberglass cloth
  • Microspheres epoxy thickener