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This is a tough black rubber similar in feel to a car tire. It is used not only for concrete or cement stamping mold, but also for making hard durable rubber parts for machinery or automotive applications.

** Please note: If you are using AeroMarine Products Concrete Molding and Stamping Rubber for making concrete molds and/or stamps, it works for basic concrete or cement shapes without undercuts or fine detail.**

For fine detail concrete or cement molds, please use either our”Mold Making Latex” or our”AM 128 Brushable RTV Silicone”

This 1:1 by volume mix ratio polyurethane rubber is used for making molds for concrete and/or cement. The smallest container in the picture contains a mold release which is included with each small kit.

**You must mix, apply and cure AeroMarine Products Concrete Molding and Stamping Rubber in a humidity-controlled environment.

Instructions for AeroMarine Products’ Concrete Molding and Stamping Rubber 75A Urethane

Use between 65° and 75°F in a humidity-controlled environment. AeroMarine Products Concrete Molding and Stamping Rubber 75A Urethane is moisture-sensitive. Use only clean plastic or metal mixing utensils and containers. Do not use paper or wood. Re-cap the bottles immediately after pouring the amount you are going to use.

Shake both A and B bottles very vigorously to disperse the product about 30 minutes before pouring.

Measure out A and B in 1:1 by volume ratio. Use our Double Mix and Pour method: Pour into a clean container. Mix well for 60 seconds. Do not scrape the sides of the container because it will contaminate your mix ratio. Pour into a second clean mixing container and mix again thoroughly for 60 seconds. Pour within 5 minutes of final mixing.

If you are pouring layers of Concrete Stamping Rubber 75A Urethane, let each layer fully cure before pouring subsequent layers. 75A Urethane bonds very well to itself.

You must use a mold release when pouring AeroMarine’s Concrete Molding and Stamping Rubber 75A Urethane against another surface. AeroMarine Products’ Mold Release (sold with the smaller sized kits) is the standard release for this product. To release the concrete easily from the mold, you can also use motor oil or castor oil.

AeroMarine concrete molding and stamping rubber is a tough rubber that resembles a rubber shoe heel.

AeroMarine’s Cement Molding and Stamping Rubber also an excellent choice for making clutch and brake pedals, motor mounts, or door trim rubber for automobiles.

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