Encapsulating compounds are intended to provide mechanical reinforcement to electrical components and applications. This product can also be used to fill voids and to protect sensitive, fragile components from exposure to shock, chemicals, moisture, and vibration.

How do I use encapsulating compounds?

AeroMarine Products’ encapsulating and electrical potting compounds are for use in professional or industrial applications, specifically for insulating or concealing electrical circuitry, electrical components, or devices.

Product Specifications:

  • 1:1 mix ratio
  • low viscosity
  • minimal shrinkage
  • long, stable working life

Does AeroMarine Products offer various-sized kits?

Our encapsulating compounds and silicone potting compounds are available in 2-quart, 2-gallon, or 10-gallon kits—just right for any small or large project.

What colors are encapsulating compounds available in?

Our silicone potting compounds come in clear amber or black, which is useful for concealing any proprietary circuitry.

What kind of encapsulating compound solutions can I purchase?

  • AM 150 Silicone Potting and Encapsulation Rubber: Our AM 150 Silicone Potting and Encapsulation Rubber is a two-component, room temperature addition cure silicone material. When cured, it is flame-resistant, features excellent mechanical properties, and offers great shelf-life stability. AM 150 Silicone Potting Compound is great for potting electrical circuits and excellent in marine and automotive applications, as well as making molds for low-melt metals. It also offers protection from vibration and moisture.
  • Underwater 75A Urethane Potting Compound: Our Underwater 75A Urethane Electrical Potting Compound is used for encapsulating circuitry and splicing cables. This urethane is for pour-only applications, and is made for immersion in marine water, but can be used for other applications as well.
  • 300/11 Dielectric Potting Compound: AeroMarine Products’ 300/11 Dielectric Potting Compound is a sturdy, high-performance epoxy used for potting and encapsulating electronic circuits. It can also provide a dielectric barrier when used as a coating.

Safety Tips for Encapsulating Compounds

Our encapsulating compounds ensure superior protection from water, fire, chemical, physical damage and more. Please use these compounds safely; always wear a respirator or self-contained breathing apparatus especially when using urethanes.

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