AeroMarine Products Concrete Molding and Stamping rubber offers true durability and strength and can be used to create industrial concrete stamps and molds. It’s also well-suited to the creation of hard, durable rubber parts necessary for machinery and automotive applications. This urethane rubber is high-strength and reproduces molds in exceptional detail, making it an excellent choice for a variety of molding and stamping applications.

AeroMarine Products’ Urethane Rubber Concrete Molding and Stamping Kit

Urethane rubber is easy to use and features great wear resistance. Our polyurethane rubber is composed of several different urethane compounds, featuring a 1:1 volume mix ratio. This urethane molding rubber kit includes Part A, Part B, and mold release solution.</p

What kind of automobile parts can urethane rubber help create?

Our urethane rubber can be used for a variety of applications including industrial parts and automobile applications.

  • Clutch pedals
  • Brake pedals
  • Motor mounts
  • Door trim rubber

How to Use Concrete Molding and Stamping Rubber 75A Urethane

  1. Shake both Bottle A and Bottle B vigorously about 30 minutes before pouring
  2. Mix the two solutions in a clean container (in a 1:1 ratio) for 60 seconds
  3. Pour freshly-mixed urethane molding rubber into a second mixing container, mix for an additional 60 seconds
  4. Pour into your casting within 5 minutes of this subsequent mixing
  5. Let each layer cure before applying a new layer
  6. Remove from casting using a mold release

Pro Tip: Use AeroMarine Products’ concrete molding and stamping urethane rubber between 65° and 75°F in a humidity-controlled environment.

We’re proud to offer industrial-grade materials that provide durability and strength. Like our RTV mold-making kits and silicone potting compounds, this rubber urethane solution can be trusted to provide the quality tear resistance your project requires.