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Maintaining your floor is extremely important when it comes to maintaining the value of your home. The 300/21 epoxy resin is the ideal epoxy for wood floors. Protecting your floors should be seen as protecting your investment, and 300/21 epoxy resin is a worthwhile investment. Damaged floors can be difficult to repair.

Fortunately, AeroMarine offers an Epoxy for wood repairs. 300/21 is a low viscosity resin, which can make it easier to apply as an adhesive. When it comes to repairing damaged wooden floors, the 300/21 resin is the perfect solution because of its adhesive and penetrating qualities on wood floors. This resin is particularly useful in warmer climates because it’s heat resistant up to 225F. Here are some of the unique features that this incredible resin offers.

  • Extreme toughness
  • Negligible shrinkage
  • Room temperature curing
  • Low viscosity
  • Improved temperature resistance
  • Contains no reactive diluents
  • Temperature resistant up to 225F
  • Made in the USA

Be sure you look at our extended list of details and directions in our downloadable PDF.

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