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5 minute epoxy resin
Epoxy Resin
300/11 Clear Potting and Encapsulation Epoxy Resin – 2 Gallon Kit
Epoxy Adhesive
Picture of AM-128 Brushable silicone bottles from Aeromarine products
Mold Making
Pour foam 8 ab
Pour Foam
Black casting resin 2 gallon
Casting Resin
300/11 Black Potting and Encapsulation Epoxy Resin - 2 Gallon Kit
Potting Compound

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Spraying a mold release

Pebble Paving Epoxy

Pebble paving is a system where epoxy resin and pebbles combine to create a beautiful and durable nonskid coating for exterior layouts around pools, patios, and driveways.

Rigid Boat Foam, Insulation

Our closed cell foams work well for boat flotation, deck and transom repair, and filling pontoons. The foams are also used for insulation, sound proofing and acting props.

electronic board

Encapsulating & Potting Compounds

We offer a range of materials for potting and encapsulating from our easier to remove AM150 silicone used for testing new circuitry to our rock hard 300/11 black epoxy potting compound used to prevent proprietary components from being disclosed.

Wood Coating & Repairs

Our 300/21 epoxy is an outstanding system used to repair dry rot, termite damage, window frames, cracks and knot holes in wooden floors, cedar tub sealing, and coating water based stained interior furniture.


  • Shipping and Label Update

    Shipping and Label Update

    As a customer of AeroMarine Products, Inc. (“AeroMarine”) we would like to inform you of some exciting and important news. We are pleased to announce that AeroMarine has been acquired by Polytek Development Corp (“Polytek”). This larger organization will allow us to supply both AeroMarine and Polytek customers with a wider selection of products, increased…

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  • What is Urethane Foam?

    What is Urethane Foam?

    Polyurethanes are a modern wonder polymer that can take on many different properties depending on how they’re made. First created in the 1930s, Polyurethane rose to prominence during World War 2 as a replacement for natural rubber, which grew increasingly scarce during the war.  Since then, different kinds of polyurethane have exploded in number, ranging…

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  • How to Choose the Right Silicone for Your Project

    How to Choose the Right Silicone for Your Project

    When it comes to mold making, you have a lot of options for what to make the mold out of.  In many cases Mold Making Silicone is the best option for making a mold, but there’s so many different kinds it’s hard to decide which one is the best one for your project.  Fear not,…

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Pouring resin

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“They were extremely helpful when I visited. I am very happy with the experience. I had a specific application (supporting an installed shower pan with expand-in-place foam). They heard me through, determined correct grade of foam, performed some demonstrations for me and discussed various foam delivery techniques, given that the destination locations were inaccessible. They could have simply handed me the product and bid me adieu....but they went beyond the call of duty and helped me out further. I appreciate that.”

Sumant Iyer

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“Great prices, great selection, ships fast. PayPal overrode my shipping request and it was mailed to old house, then sent back. Called them up and they said "No problem, we'll resend to new address". Didn't ask what happened or re-charge me the $23 shipping cost.”

Ian Combs

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“Great place, helpful staff. I only had a vague idea of how to do my project. They knew what I needed and gave me info on how to use it.”

Patrick Thomas

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