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Our best and most popular clear epoxy is our 300/21 epoxy resin. It works very well in many applications, including making and/or repairing watercraft , countertops, wooden furniture and laminating fiberglass. AeroMarine Products 300/21 epoxy resin gives a great result with fillers or thickeners. This multifunctional epoxy is also used for pebble paving and for coating floors. Automotive enthusiasts use AeroMarine Products 300/21 epoxy resin for laminating carbon fiber parts including hoods, dashes, etc. It is cycloaliphatic or “non-blushing”, which means that it has no oily film or amine “blush” on it.

The 1.5, 3 and 6 gallon kits are available with handy metering pumps, which is helpful when making countertops and bar tops.

*Please note: Epoxy is NOT UV resistant! It will yellow in sunlight.

DO Not mix the entire amount of resin and hardener together all at once. It will cure in your mixing container!

SDS available upon request.

Download Clear Epoxy #300/21 Data Sheet


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