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AeroMarine Products Polymer Urethane White Casting Resin is a fast setting, 1:1 mix low odor, ” almost water thin” system. It is ideal for casting decorative figurines, picture frames, and industrial parts. With a 15 to 30 minute demold time, you can make rapid prototypes or production runs. We sell a urethane mold release for use with this casting resin.

AeroMarine Polymer Urethane Casting Resin is a white color. We sell urethane colorants for this casting resin. Or, you can paint it (We recommend Krylon Fusion paint). It sets to a hard polymer form and is very tough and impact resistant. It somewhat resembles PVC pipe when cured. Shrinkage is usually unmeasurable.

NOTE: Make sure that the casting resin, tools, containers and ambient temperature are all at 70F before you begin pouring and mixing the casting resin. If you do not have everything at 70F, the casting resin will take much longer to cure. Also, at temperatures higher than 72F, the casting resin will cure faster.


  • Shore Hardness: 75D
  • Tensile Strength: 2390psi
  • Temperature Restrictions: 140F
  • Mix Ratio: 1:1 by volume
  • Color: White
  • Work Life: 3 minutes at 70F
  • Demold Time: 15-30 minutes

Download White urethane casting resin data sheet

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