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Silicone rtv mold rubber




AM 128 Silicone Rubber RTV-

Our most popular moldmaking product

High tear strength, ideal for production silicone rubber molds. The choice of professional mold makers.

Like our other products, AM 128 silicone RTV rubber does not require use of a vacuum.  AM 128's mix ratio is 10:1 by weight.

Shake purple catalyst very vigorously for 60 seconds before using. Weigh and pour immediately after shaking.

Click this link for our"Food Grade Mold Making Silcone Rubber"

how to make molds with silicone rubber
AM 128 Pourable Silicone Rubber, 1/2 gallon kit - 4.4 lbs. $65

Ships Immediately

AM 128 Pourable Silicone Rubber, one gallon kit - 8.8 lbs. $101

Ships Immediately

AM 128 Pourable Silicone Rubber, 5 gallon kit - 44 lbs. $446

Ships Immediately

AM 128 Pourable Silicone Rubber, 55 Gallon Drum Kit 495#lbs. $4800

Ships Immediately

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Simple 1:1 mix silicone mold making rubber, AM 125

This is a simple, 1:1 mix Silicone Mold Making RTV designed for beginners to mold making. It doesn't have quite as good properties as AM 128 shown above. However, it is ideal for most mold making applications. AM 125 silicone mold making rubber cures in less than two hours. This molding RTV rubber is great for first time mold makers.

PLEASE NOTE: Do NOT expose AM 125 to any moisture; moisture ruins it! Re-cap the containers immediately after pouring. Store AM 125 at 72F/room temperature. AM125 has a 60 day shelf life once you open the containers.

silicone mold making rubber
AM 125 1 quart kit - $37
Consists of one pint each part A and part B.


Ships Immediately

AM 125 1/2 gallon kit - $67
Consists of one quart each part A and part B.

Ships Immediately

AM 125 1 gallon kit - $107
Consists of 1/2 gallon each part A and part B.

Ships Immediately

Translucent Silicone Rubber, AM 128T

Our translucent (frosted colorless) rubber is clear enough to see through it for cutting two part molds. AM 128T is a high performance mold making silicone rubber. AM 128T's mix ratio is 10:1 by weight.

make rubber mold
AM 128T Pourable, Quart kit - 2.2 lbs. $68

Ships Immediately

AM 128T Pourable, one gallon kit - 9.9lbs. $211

Ships Immediately

AM 128T Pourable, 5 gallon kit - 49 lbs. $1060

Ships in 5 to 7 business days

AM 128 Brushable

Our brushable silicone RTV rubber makes thin wall "glove" molds. AM 128 Brushable clings to a vertical surface.  AM 128 Brushable's mix ratio is 10:1 by weight.

Shake pink catalyst very vigorously for 60 seconds before using. Weigh and pour immediately after shaking.

We sell a product called "Mother Mold".  It creates a hard plastic mold shell.  You can use our Mother Mold to make a hard shell for AM 128 Brushable mold.

silicone mold making rtv rubber
AM 128 Brushable, 1/2 gallon kit - 4.4 lbs. $63

Ships Immediately

AM 128 Brushable, one gallon kit - 8.8 lbs. $99

Ships Immediately

AM 128 Brushable, 5 gallon kit - 44 lbs. $447

Ships Immediately









Mold release, silicone from silicone



Silicone Mold Release to release silicone from silicone.  This product is essentially "Vaseline" in a 12 ounce spray can.

It is a great general purpose mold release.

We also sell mold releases for epoxy and for urethane on our Mold Release page.

Mold release for silicone

$19.00 each

Ships Immediately

Digital Scale



Digital Scale - This scale is ideal for weighing silicone rubber and other chemicals. It is calibrated in grams or pounds/ounces. We use them here for measuring products and for weighing our boxes for shipping. It measures from as low as 2 grams to as high as 55 pounds.

Please Note: NO USB Cable or "C" batteries included.

scale for measuring silicone RTV

$47.00 each

Ships Immediately

AeroMarine Silicone Rubber Putty



Fast setting, one to one mix, silicone RTV rubber putty

*This is the silicone putty featured on our Youtube video: "How to Use AeroMarine Products Fast Set Horse Hoof Silicone Putty"

Used to make rapid molds.

Safe to use on skin.

Each pound yields 21 cubic inches.

silicone rubber putty
1 pound kit - consists of 8 ounces each of Part A and Part B $45

Ships Immediately

8 pound kit - consists of 4 pounds each of Part A and Part B $223

Ships Immediately

100 pound kit - consists of 50 pounds each Part A and Part B $2250

Ships in 3-5 business days

Best practices when using AeroMarine Products Two Part Silicone RTV

Never mix less than about 3 ounces of product. When manufacturers design and test their silicones, they normally write the specifications for 100 gram batches, which is about 3 ounces. Using less than 3 ounces makes it impossible to have the correct mix ratio.

Avoid mixing with drill motors. Mixing with an electric drill can cause a few problems. Frequently, they don't get into every corner of the mixing container. Powered mixing also can generate a lot of air bubbles.

Silicones don't necessarily need mold release. Silicones normally only stick to silicone, silica and glass. To release silicone from silicone, use petroleum jelly or our #33 Petrolease mold release. Never use silicone spray to release silicone from silicone- it acts as a primer and the parts will not separate. Most things cast into a silicone mold won't stick to the silicone. A mold release may be valuable however to prolong the life of the mold. We also stock a "Parfilm 4" release in an epoxy version and a urethane version. If you use a mold release, let it dry for about 10 minutes. A spray can of mold release contains a lot of solvents and propellants, which need to evaporate off the surface so they don't cause bubbles.

Don't vary the mix ratio. Follow the mix ratio on the container or the data sheet. Most (but not all) silicones are mixed in a 10:1 ratio by weight. Often this translates to a 9:1 ratio by volume. Accelerators are available to make the silicone cure faster. Since a silicone mold is a tool that can produce a lot of parts, it is best not to hurry when making the mold. Accelerators are not recommended. Don't alter the mix ratio in hopes of changing the cure cycle because it degrades the quality of the rubber.

Mix mold making silicone twice. Mix the two components together in a clean container, then transfer the mixture to another clean container and mix them again. The theory is that the liquids clinging to the sides and bottom of the containers don't get mixed well. By transferring the mixture to another clean container, you are assured that everything is well mixed.

Air bubbles in mold making. We all want to avoid air bubbles on the surface of a mold. Normally it is not an issue, but in some applications it can be troublesome. This is especially true when making figurines with intricate detail. In these cases, both when making the molds and when making the figurines it might be best to brush a thin coating onto the surface and then pour behind it. This way the bristles of the brush break the bubbles, resulting in a better surface.

Storing Your Cured Silicone Mold (Storage longer than 1 week)
First, apply mold release to your cured mold.  Second, pour your casting material into the prepared mold.  Or, you can insert a previously cast cured piece into the prepared mold.  Third, put your mold (if a smaller mold) with the piece in it into a doubled “Ziploc” type bag with all the air pressed out of the bags. Fourth, seal the bags tightly closed using either a plastic bag sealer or over-tape them with duct tape. For larger molds, use very heavy duty doubled garbage bags, remove all the air and seal tightly either with a plastic bag sealer or over-tape with duct tape.  Finally, put your sealed, bagged mold into a plastic storage container with a lid, close the lid and store on a flat shelf/surface (NOT the floor or window) at continuous 70F out of direct sunlight.

Cleaning Your Silicone Mold Wash your cured silicone mold with warm/hot water and mild liquid dish soap.  Pat drythoroughly and then let the mold air-dry fully. Never use any type of abrasive soap, cleaner or pad to clean your silicone mold!

We also sell several accessory products for our silicones:

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