AeroMarine AM 150 High Temperature Silicone RTV Mold Making Rubber

Does Not Require a Vacuum

Useful to 500F

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AeroMarine Products AM 150 High Heat Resistant Silicone RTV Mold Making Rubber -- Good for making molds for tin, bismuth, pewter, and other low melt metals.  Like our other silicone rubber products, this does not require use of a vacuum.  You must use a digital scale to ensure accurate measurements of the AM 150 mix ratio. If you do not have a digital scale, we sell a very accurate and reliable one

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AeroMarine AM 150-

per kit

Ships Immediately

AeroMarine AM 150-

per kit

Ships Immediately

AeroMarine AM 150

$ per kit

Ships Immediately

Aeromarine 150 High Temperature Silicone Moldmaking Rubber

Product Description
AeroMarine 150 Silicone Moldmaking Rubber is a two component, room temperature condensation tin cure silicone material. The cured rubber has excellent mechanical properties and temperature resistance. AM150 is an excellent choice for moldmaking of intricate patterns, skin molding and applications where heat resistance is required. It is especially useful for making molds for tin and pewter, as well as other low melt metals.

Key Features
• High temperature resistance
• Low viscosity
• Fast demold time
• Excellent dimensional stability

Primary Applications

• Molds pewter and tin figurines
• Molds for large and small statues
• Molds for polyester, polyurethane and epoxy resin castings
• Molds for technical articles and prototypes
• Molds for furniture and picture frame replication

Typical Properties

Uncured properties

"A" component

"B" component




Mix Ratio



Catalyzed properties (3% cat)

Specific gravity



Pot life

»49 minutes


Tack-free time

6-8 hours


Demold time

16- 24 hours


Typical cured properties (3 days @ 25C)

Durometer Shore A



Tensile Strength, psi 



Elongation, %



Tear B, ppi



Linear shrinkage



Useful Temperature Range

-50F to 560F


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