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Clear Epoxy Resin Made in USA!

Our 300/21 epoxy resin is a clear, low viscosity cycloaliphatic epoxy system. This solution is typically used for lamination, coating, and casting of smaller objects.

Clear epoxy resin can be used for a variety of applications. Whether you’re crafting or repairing watercraft, installing or resurfacing counter tops, creating wooden furniture or laminating fiberglass, AeroMarine Products 300/21 epoxy resin can be used to provide fantastic finish.

Cycloaliphatic Clear Epoxy Resin

What makes our 300/21 clear epoxy resin different from conventional epoxy? This cycloaliphatic clear epoxy resin is resistant to amine blush and features excellent penetrating characteristics. Our clear epoxy resin is designed to bond well and offer high-quality gloss and clarity. With improved chemical resistance and self-leveling characteristics, our clear epoxy requires less sanding between coats.

How to Use Clear Epoxy Resin

Our multifunctional epoxy can be used in numerous capacities, including pebble paving, floor coating, and to laminate automotive carbon fiber components, like dashes, hoods, and more.

Other uses of clear epoxy include:

  • Building “stitch and glue” boats
  • Potting electronic assemblies
  • Clear epoxy for wood coating
  • Coating concrete
  • Bonding wood
  • Bonding metal
  • Bonding plastics
  • Bonding concrete
  • Flooring
  • Pouring countertops
  • Clear bar top epoxy coating

Clear Epoxy Resin Sizing

You can purchase clear epoxy resin in 1.5, 3 and 6 gallon kits. These kits all feature metering pumps for ease of use.

Epoxy Resin Color Variations

We offer color variations of epoxy resin as well, including epoxy colored gray, black, and white.

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