Epoxy resin serves a variety of purposes. If you want to seal bottle caps or pennies into your coffee table or countertop, you’re going to need a dependable epoxy resin to do so. AeroMarine has been providing businesses and individuals with exceptional epoxy resin products for over 10 years. Whether you need to protect your outdoor furniture from the elements or finally tackle that DIY project you’ve been putting off for weeks, we can give you the supplies and knowledge you need to get started.

What is the best epoxy resin for countertops?
The finishing touch on any piece of furniture is important, but it’s crucial to get it right on a countertop. A finished countertop needs to be smooth and flat; our countertop epoxy is will give your counter the polished, level look and feel you’re looking for.

Pro tip: Be extremely careful when you begin mixing your two solutions together. A common mistake people make is mixing all of their solutions before they are ready to pour or apply. This is especially important to be aware of when using our 5-minute epoxy. Make sure you measure out the exact amount of space that you plan on filling in before you mix your solution.
Additional Uses for Epoxy Products
Beyond DIY projects and countertops, our epoxy products have a variety of uses.

Laminate: If you need to gloss over your floor or a finished product, our epoxy solutions can be used as laminates over fiberglass.
Wood Epoxy: If you want to protect your wooden furniture from the wear and tear of life or the elements, epoxy resin for wood is the perfect solution.
Floor Coating: Epoxy resin is a great way to ensure the longevity of your floor or create flooring that is truly unique.
Concrete Coating: As much as we try to protect our concrete floors from cracks and weeds, sometimes it takes a little something extra. Our epoxy resin for concrete is the perfect way to prevent damage and ensure it lasts.
Creating a Glass-like Surface: When putting the finishing touches on any piece of furniture, epoxy resin can provide a glossy effect.
Marine Vessels: Salt water is highly corrosive, and if you aren’t properly protecting your boat with a resin, the cost of the damages can be astounding. Our two-part epoxy solution is the best way to keep your boat safe from the wear and tear of the ocean.

Latex Mold Kits
In addition to epoxy resins, AeroMarine also offers liquid rubber latex mold kits—perfect for casting cement, concrete, plaster, hydrocal, or hydrostone. AeroMarine will provide you will all the materials you need to make the most of any project. Our LIQUID MOLD MAKING LATEX IS NOT FOR USE ON HUMAN SKIN.  NOT FOR MAKING MASKS.